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Soluble Suggestions and... Stuff!

A place to digest plots and ponder oddities.

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I'm a younger than I should be older than I want to be aspiring writer.

I've done college, worked different types of jobs, and have finally arrived at a comfortable point in my life -- which oddly enough doesn't involve my college degree one bit. :D

Currently I'm writing fanfiction and working on a novel. Rarely do I show my writing to anyone. It's a strange quirk for an aspiring novelist, but it's mine. Anyway, that's why I started writing fanfiction; to get used to showing my work and receiving feedback. What writer, aspiring or otherwise, couldn't use feedback?

This journal is a lot of nothing, a little bit of something, and everything else in between. I try to pop my head in here often, but sometimes life just doesn't give me time. Sometimes I'm as elusive as the yeti or as hang-around-ish as the annoying kid next door.

I suck at making icons so don't count on seeing any cool userpics. I try, but I fail miserably.