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A Toast: To Doing Different Things.

My husband and I work from home. Everything we do is in some way, shape, or form, about computers. Seriously, I may work 15 hours a day on my computer, and then my "free" time is/was on the computer too. I got a bit burnt out from all of that, and decided to do other things. Nothing huge like theater or amusement parks or anything, just simple things like watching TV (Sounds funny, but our TV is on so infrequently I rarely even know the headlining news.), watching movies we wouldn't normally watch or try, taking our dogs for a walk together rather than letting them out in the fenced in backyard, sitting out by our firepit... It's funny how simple stupid little things can refresh you.

At last my stomach is managable. It's been about ten days or so, and my stomach is doing pretty good. I've come to the conclusion that stress more than anything was hurting my stomach. Though there are some foods I have to be careful with. But when I'm not feeling all anxious and stressed my stomach can handle just about anything. Just about. It isn't its old self by any means, but it's 1000% better than it's been in a long time. I can even have chocolate again!!!

Maybe that's what I needed... a type of vacation. When you're work is your home it's hard to separate down time from work time, and since my work is on the computer and all/a lot of my free time was on the computer I lost even further how to separate the two.


Ah, it's good to hear from you!
Boy, I have a lot to tell you. :D
Mostly it's me getting a new job. I work at the Oakley headquarters in Lake Forest. I think my title is Digital Art Specialist. lol

Anyway, I know what you mean about working from home. Before I got my new job I was working freelance. Though, I think i might continue it. It's nice to get out. Staying home can drive you crazy. Taking walks are very refreshing. I'm glad you're doing well.
Hey we should become penpals. I know it's easy just to email but snail mail is fun. Everyone likes getting things in the mail.
yea, I know I'm a big dork. :P But it would be something to do without using the computer.

lol well let me know if your up for it!
I'm definitely up for pen pals! :)

Hey! Congrats on getting the new job. Digital Arts Specialist huh? Sounds very cool, and important. :) Have you been doing a lot of DA lately? I'll have to stop by and check. :)

Freelancing from home definitley sounds fun, but like you said it tends to drive you stir crazy. I've been considering getting a part time job just for the sake of getting out everyday, but I'm not sure I'll go that far. lol

The walk certainly was refreshing and the dogs loved it. Plus it helped me teach them a little discipline. lol They're spoiled rotten. (Not that that's my fault. lol Yeah right.)

So... if your email is still the same, I'll email you my address, and you can email me yours. :)
Yea, I'm excited for the job.
I start when ever they get my new computer in. :D

My email is obbluedepp@gmail.com

Oh and yes, I have been DAing!!!