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Weather, Me

The weather here is great! It's actually getting cold -- well cold for here. It's a sign we might actually have a winter this year. The past four years have yielded pretty mild winters. The past week intimates we might have a cold winter (meaning it could get down in the 30's and 40's). No snow though. Snow is a very rare thing here. It's a freak day when it snows in Florida.

Anyway, it's in the low seventies right now (it got into the low sixties and fifties a few days ago), the sun is shining brightly, and it's cool enough to have the windows open to enjoy the breeze.

Whew! I am almost completely caught up on everything I've had to do. I've been struggling for months on end to get things around the house, and computer and work wise, for months on end. Finally, today, I should be fully caught up. FINALLY!!! I'm sleeping like a normal human being, getting up in the morning like a normal human being, and I feel pretty good. So the stress level should be coming down?


It's good to see you on a not off-kilter schedule. It always seemed that every time you posted, you were never getting enough sleep and things weren't getting done. I'm happy you've been able to catch up with everything and have got a handle on things now. At this time of the year, it's important!
Yes, the difference it's made in my mood is enormous. I think I was slipping into a serious depression from everything, and because of that I was getting nothing done. It's amazing how much of myself I didn't realize I'd lost until I got it back. Does that make sense? lol
It makes perfect sense. :)
Whew! *wipes sweat off brow*
It's so weird to hear people referring to any temperature in the 70s as 'cooling down'. BIZARRE. It isn't cooling down here until it hits about 55 and it's not COLD until about 14. Likewise, REALLY cold here is when it hits about -22. (All Fahrenheit, since I'm not sure how familiar you are with Celcius.)

Coldest day ever, I think I told you, for me it was in the winter of 96-97 where one day the wind chill was -65F...and it wasn't even much warmer WITHOUT the wind. That was a deadly cold day. Literally deadly.

And to think, up in northern Nunavut that'd be about a normal winter day. O.O But then life is different everywhere, and everyone is equipped for an acclimatized to their...um, climate. :)
It's so weird to hear people referring to any temperature in the 70s as 'cooling down'. BIZARRE.

I'd have laughed my ass off if I still lived in NY and heard someone say temps in the 70's is cooling down. That's early summer up there. :)

I'm not sure how familiar you are with Celcius.

I'd have to do a mathematical conversion. lol Seriously. Other than 0 is freezing and 100 is boiling I have no idea.

We had a few days where the temp got into the fifties and low sixties. Everyone here was happily surprised (well everyone I talked to anyway). I'm hoping it continues -- though yesterday was warm again. :(

If I can walk outside with short sleeves and no jacket then it's too warm for this time of year. :)

So far today the weather is on the brink of jacket and no jacket weather. Since it's still pretty early the weather might swing high, but I'm holding out for it to stay cold... well cool.