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Yawn! Where did the joy go?

Wow am I tired today. Maybe it's because I didn't have my peanut butter on wheat toast this morning. I didn't have my tea either. It's only ten thirty at night, and I'm seriously ready for bed. *yawn* :/

Today I saw someone on TV painting. I suddenly felt really sad. I haven't drawn or painted in sooo long. Of course I've had the mother of all writing funks for a very long time now too. I sit down and try to but the joy is gone. I feel it waiting. I get excited, but I can't bring what I need to the surface. Anyway, I realized today that I stopped doing a lot of things I enjoy, or stopped enjoying things I do. lol Both I think. Why? I think I just forgot what it's like. Not one picture have I even doodled, not even one small one-shot piece of writing written. I need to find that again.

No pics today. I totally forgot about them. :( OOps! I'll post them next couple of journal entries.

If this entry makes little to no sense I blame it on my tiredness. :)


I have blah days where I just feel crappy even if it's a good day...I think everyone does. It's the frequency and severity of those days that says whether you've got a serious problem or not, I'd think. :)

I think so too. And I think being aware of it doesn't make it as bad either.

I'll email you with my find about the marketing. :)