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Pieces of Florida.

I'm taking up a new hobby; photography. I've been playing with this camera, but up until now haven't really posted anything.

Here's some scenery from Florida. Well, at least from my back yard. In the future I'll take some pics of spots other than my back yard, but for now check these out -- if it pleases you. :)

Hopefully they'll get larger when you click on them.

Anyone have pics of their area?

A tiny cluster of flowers. They were growing on a vine. I think they're weeds, but I thought they were neat with their vibrant different colors. Even if they're weeds, they're still pretty. :)

This is a topiary that I had to have. I loved the shape of it. It needs trimming. I've been trying to grow it out a bit before trimming it off.
When it's trimmed it reminds me of a sort of bonsai tree. Very Japanese-Garden looking I think.

Again, I think this might be a weed. I never knew I had such things (flowers/weeds) in my back yard. I went searching for interesting pictures to take, and I found all of these little treasures. Anyway... I love the rich purple color of these little flowers. They're not very big either.

Little berries. Another weed? Does it matter? I liked the look of them, so I shot them. :) They make me feel sort of holiday-ish. Why is that?

Finally, she has let me take a picture of her. This is my dog Baby. She's terrified of just about everything -- or at least she was. Since she's been on her own with just me and Bart she's made leaps and bounds at not fearing everything in sight. (And I mean everything!) She's been absolutely terrified of the camera. Slowly I've been getting her used to it, and finally she let me shoot some pics of her. She's very beautiful. :)

This is a bud growing from a vine that is coming over our fence from the neighbors. I don't mind. I like the foliage, and now the pretty buds. :) There's a ton of honeysuckle flopping over our fence, but it's not currently in bloom so I didn't take a pic of it. I'm a flower snob what can I say.

This picture and the one below it are as close to autumn as I'm going to get. I don't remember this banana tree turning colors last year, but it was also a lot smaller last year. :/ Go figure. Anyway, I was totally enthralled to see some leaf color changing in my back yard. There were also a few vines changing colors, but I didn't bore you with pics of those.

I can't think of anything interesting or boring to say about this. :/

This cactus probably stands three to four feet high. It's pretty neat looking -- some skinny guy with funky hair. That is my pool in the back ground. I couldn't get that out of the pic without some fancy photoshop skills -- which we all know I don't have. :)

In case they didn't get bigger, here's the link to the scrapbook page: Gallery


Oh I love that pic of that lantana! Can I steal it? Please? Your dog is so cute.

You're an excellent photographer. :)
You can have it as long as you tell me which one is the lantana. I have no idea what any of those plants are. Except for the banana tree, the topiary, and the cactus. :)

You're an excellent photographer. :)

Thanks, but I feel I must give most credit to my camera. :(

Hey, I made a few butterfly icons. If I can get them to load to my scrapbook, I wanted to know if you wanted any. I started to make one, and I went a little nuts and made like 5 or 6. :)
LMAO. XD It's the first flower picture. I recognize it because we buy some for the garden every year. They're so pretty.

I want all of the butterfly icons! All of them! Because nothing! Truly! Makes! Me! Happy!

*is dizzy* Whoa, gotta lay off that memorized Last Unicorn script...

Heh, seriously. What do you have? Can you link me?
Here's the link for the icons. My picture uploader wasn't working right, so I manually did them. *Whew!* It shouldn't have to be this hard. You have to click on each individual picture to see what it really looks like. The previews are distorted. They're already 100 x 100, so they should be ready. Also they should be right-clickable. If they're not just flip me an internet bird and I'll see what I can do. :)

Anyway, here's the link: Icons

It's the first flower picture.

I see. I wondered what they were. I was very surprised to see such pretty flowers in my yard. (Since I hadn't planted any.) I thought they were too pretty to be weeds. If you need a bigger pic of it or something just let me know. :)
Thanks! Wow, you made them with my name too. I didn't think you'd do that! :) They're very pretty. I'll definitely be using these.
I remembered how you liked mine, so I set out to make you one. One turned into six. I just couldn't stop. :) I'm glad you like them.
The creative spirit should never be stifled.
Oh yeah, and I haven't read the new Naruto manga yet... again! What's wrong with me?! Wait. Don't answer that. :P
It's all right. It's not like the manga's really arresting at the moment.
I read it this morning. I'm actually feeling I don't want Jiraiya to die now. I just can't stand that cocky kid getting the better of him. :/ Of course if the frog-man does go it won't ruin me, but I'd like to see him kick this kid's ass. :)
Heh, Nagato hasn't been putting in much of a root-for-him showing. Then again, he IS the bad guy.
His background story didn't even make me feel much different towards him. Hell, Orochimaru's little childhood flashback before Sasuke ran him through touched me more than Nagatos. I think he's the first Kishimoto character I've come close to not liking at all. He's not the bad guy you like to hate type villain.
Nagato is cool but weightless. You feel no emotional connection to him or his story. Konan has more going for her on that than he does and she's been on panel for less than two seconds!
I agree.
Hmm that looks like lantana but...lantana is a houseplant. If it's a weed where you live, jeez, that really shows the difference in climate! That would be like...I don't know, people in Nunavut potting up a dandelion as a houseplant. Maybe. :)

Don't eat those berries. I am highly suspicious. It looks like black chokecherry (http://www.we-du.com/images/plants/shraroamc.jpg) but...weeell, it also looks a mite like deadly nightshade (aka belladonna: http://www.motherherbs.com/pcat-gifs/products-small/solanum.jpg ). It could even be an ornamental pepper...they're gorgeous, and round and black, but I really really doubt that.

Yup, it really does look a lot like nightshade. It likes shady, moist areas. Here's another picture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Atropa_bella-donna1.jpg
Lantana: That's what Bunny called them too. I didn't plant them, and this is the first year I've seen them. Perhaps they were there before and I just didn't notice them. Either way I don't remember anyone planting them. Perhaps seeds were carried on the wind? Maybe I'll go clean up the area where they are; make it less weedy. I don't know, there was a kind of charm about the wildness of it all.

Nightshade and Belladonna: Hmm. I'm not sure the berries in those pics look black. These are blue. I'm going to look at the entire plant better and then compare pics. If they're that poisonous I probably ought to remove them for the dogs' sake. They might not eat them, but I'd rather not take the chance. I love the look of them though. I think they're kind of pretty. :)
Heh, Safari in the backyard turned out beautiful. Both you and the camera are pretty good. I love the picture of the topiary. Its very oddly shaped but in a good way.

Aww your dog is beautiful. So is that her name? "Baby?" Cause thats too cute. XD
Thanks! :)

Yep, my big dog's name is Baby. She fits the name too. :)
I thought your dog's name was Pippin. There was Friskie, then Pippin. Where did Baby come from?
I've had Baby for the past year and a half. She used to belong to Bart's father, but he couldn't take care of her, so Bart and I took her. She was the one that had heartworm. I still have Pippin too. I have two dogs. I had Baby when Friskie was really sick too, but she would never allow me to take a picture of her.
your dog looks veerryy huggable!..I really like the picture of the banana tree... And yes,the cluster of flowers *is* pretty..
Baby loves hugs. However, it's deadly to hug her. :) She gets so excited she licks and jumps and tries to sit in my lap. She thinks she's 10 pounds instead of 46.